The Assessing Department

Katherine Roslund

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While appointments are not required they are highly recommended.

Michigan law requires the Assessor to annually value all taxable property at 50% of market value. Taxable properties include homes, factories, commercial properties, farms and vacant land. It also includes personal property for commercial and industrial businesses.

The Assessing department also keeps records on ownership, addresses, homestead exemptions, sales, and land and building details for approximately 2,000 properties located within the City. View our Property Data, Assessing & Tax Information

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Transfers of Ownership

Any time a transfer of ownership takes place on a property, the buyer or grantee (person receiving the property) is required by Michigan State Law to file a Property Transfer Affidavit with our Assessor's Office within 45 days of the transfer.  Please send or drop off this form to Assessor, 300 N Mill Street, St. Louis, MI 48880.

Property Site Visits
(April 15-December 31)

The Assessor's Office makes several property visits throughout the year. Most notably, the Assessor and/or staff visits all of the sites that have been issued a building permit throughout the year by the City's Building Inspector. In addition, property-by-property reviews are conducted of the entire City, with field staff visiting roughly 20% of the parcels in the City each year. While completing property site visits, Field Staff will have business cards and official city identification. Frequently Asked Questions about Property Inspections.

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Personal Property Information

If you own a business you are subject to personal property tax on the property used in your business (machines, furniture and fixtures, etc.)

Report all property used in business effort using form 632. If you think you qualify for a small business exemption under MCL 211.9o, use form 5076. For additional information about exemptions, see the City's Personal Property Tax Exemption Letter.

Additional information can be found on the State of Michigan's website and by contacting the assessor's office.

Tax Relief Application


If you are building a new home or adding an addition to your home, you are eligible for a tax break! File the Tax Relief Application with the Assessor prior to April 1st.

Assessing Property Inspections

The City of St. Louis is conducting an inspection of all its properties.  This inspection will assure fair and equitable assessment of each parcel, accurate assessing records, and will endure compliance with the State of Michigan assessment standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City of St. Louis is conducting inspections (record card review) for every property in the City over a period of five years.  Part of updating the assessing department records requires an exterior measurement of the home/building as well as measurements of any improvements on the property.  A photograph is taken for City records and for informational purposes.  The photo will be extremely beneficial not only to assist in the assessing department, but also as reference for taxpayers, realtors, and appraisers.  The State of Michigan requires the assessing department records to be as detailed and up to date as possible.