Mike Parsons Electric Department Foreman

Phone: (989) 681-3351
Fax:  (989) 681-2225
Email:  mparsons@stlouismi.com
Hours: 7:00am - 4:00pm
300 North Mill Street
St. Louis, MI 48880

DO NOT CALL 911 OR CENTRAL DISPATCH FOR A POWER OUTAGE UNLESS YOU SEE A DOWNED POWER LINE THAT IS ARCING, SPARKING, OR MIGHT BE A LIVE WIRE. The City utilizes Nixle for local emergency alerts and Facebook for general updates.

After Hours/Holidays: Contact Gratiot County Central Dispatch for assistance with EMERGENCIES at 989-875-7505.  There is a $100 charge for after hours and holiday service calls if the emergency is considered the responsibility of the homeowner. The $100 fee is added to the homeowner's next utility bill.


Electric Plant of St. Louis Municipal

The Electric Department is headed by Mike Parsons who supervises four employees.

In one year approximately 40 million-kilowatt hours are sold.

Here to Serve

The Electric Department serves approximately 1,900 customers. The department maintains 22 mile of overhead line and 3 miles of underground line and all the transformers in the City. They utilize two bucket trucks for overhead work, a Digger Derek to dig holes for electrical poles, and a 5/60 Case Trencher for underground lines. The plant has six diesel and/or natural gas engines that generate a total of 6750-kilowatts, and is located next to the dam on the Pine River, whose two hydroelectric wheels generate 400-kilowatts. These hydroelectric wheels supply approximately seven percent of the city's energy, dependent on the water level of the river.


The purchase of two diesel generators in 2002 and completion of a new Substation along Hubbard Street in 2004 have ensured better reliability of the power gird during periods of high energy demand and prepared the City system for future growth.

Net Metering Program

The City of St. Louis Net Metering Program offers City electric residential and business customers the opportunity to support renewable energy. Customers who generate electricity using renewable energy sources can connect to the electric utility grid and send their excess electricity to the grid. The customer receives a credit for the "net excess generation" (NEG), which may be used to offset their use of electricity supplied by the utility. The program is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to a program capacity limit.

For details on eligibility, requirements, and how to apply, click HERE.

To apply, the customer must submit a Net Metering Application Form and non-refundable application fee.

Net Metering Program Applicants must complete and sign a Generator Interconnection & Operation Application and/or Interconnection and Parallel Operating Agreement, based on the capacity of the generator installation.

2021 Annual Customer Summary

The 2021 Annual Customer Summary for the City of St. Louis includes the Energy Waste Reduction Report Summary - MPSC Case Number U-18314 and the Renewable Energy Report Annual Summary - MPSC Case Number U-16632. The summary is available in the documents folder below.