Residential Curbside Trash Collection

Trash collection is provided for all single unit dwellings in the City. Current curbside trash pick up services are provided by Republic Services. The number of bags is unlimited and residents are permitted to place a single large item out each week. In the event that you need to place more than one item out in a given week, it is required that you purchase a sticker.  Please read the Large Item Sticker Guidelines for details.

Multi-Unit residential and Commercial/Industrial trash collection must be contracted by the property owner.

Recycling is also included in the curbside services.  Information regarding our program and tips to prepare your recycling are below under the documents section.

As of July 1, 2021, the current monthly rates for solid waste services are $15.51 for solid waste collection, $0.45 for hazardous waste collection, and $13.71 for yard waste collection. Please refer to the Solid Waste Rates document for more information.


Yard Waste

The City provides curb side yard waste removal for residential properties. Bagged yard waste pick-up is generally on Monday each week. Brush is picked up once a month. Please see the Yard Waste Guidelines document or the FAQ below for more information.

The current brush pick-up schedule is on the DPW page.


If you have questions or concerns regarding solid waste pick up that are not addressed in the Solid Waste Guidelines or this FAQ, please contact the DPW Superintendent at (989) 681-3644.