Residential Curbside Trash Collection

Trash collection is provided for all single unit dwellings in the City. Weekly curbside trash pick up services (beginning May 1, 2022) are provided by Granger Waste Services.

Trash must be bagged and placed in a Granger issued Curby trash cart (brown lid). Approximately four to five 30-gallon trash bags fit in a single cart. DO NOT load carts over 200 pounds. Please double bag cat litter or any other animal waste.

Only household waste may be disposed of in the trash carts. No yard waste, construction debris, or hazardous waste should be placed in the carts. For details about prohibited items and suggestions on how to dispose of them, please view Granger's Waste Acceptance Guidelines page.

Multi-Unit residential and Commercial/Industrial trash collection must be contracted by the property owner.

Granger issued Curby Recycler recycling carts (yellow lid) are collected curbside every two weeks. Place accepted recyclable materials loose in the cart. Do not bag them. All recyclables must be clean and dry. For details about acceptable and unacceptable materials, please refer to Granger's Recycling Schedule & Guidelines.

Please follow the cart placement guidelines for both your trash and recycling carts to ensure pick-up.

As of July 1, 2023, the current monthly rates for solid waste services are $16.90 for solid waste collection, $0.47 for hazardous waste collection, and $14.60 for yard waste collection. Please refer to the Solid Waste Rates document for more information.


Windy Day Trash Tips

Yard Waste

The City provides curbside yard waste removal for residential properties. Bagged yard waste pick-up is generally on Monday each week. Brush is picked up once a month. Please see the Yard Waste Guidelines document or the FAQ below for more information.

The current brush pick-up schedule is on the DPW page.


If you have questions or concerns regarding solid waste pick up that are not addressed in the Solid Waste Guidelines, the Wells Road Yard Supplemental Policy, or this FAQ, please contact the DPW Superintendent at (989) 681-3644.

Hazardous Waste

The City of Alma and City of St. Louis annually schedule a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. Solid waste customers can call 989-463-8339 to schedule an appointment to drop off materials during the collection dates, which for 2023 are June 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Please read the following flyer for details on what is and is not accepted.