W.T. Morris Memorial Swimming Pool

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Since the 1950's, the W.T. Morris Memorial Pool has been a favorite summer recreation spot for many area families. In 2005, the existing 50-year old pool was replaced with a new $400,000 heated pool that is handicapped accessible and has a new deck and improvements to the bath house. The new pool was built with the help of a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant and public donations.

The pool is located at 400 North Mill Street just north of City Hall and St. Louis' downtown shopping area.

Kids in The Swimming Pool
Pool Activities
Kids are Enjoying in Swimming Pool

Season Swim Passes

To purchase an annual individual, family or day care swim pass, complete the relevant application below and return with payment to St. Louis City Hall.

For the 2024 season...

Individual passes are $60.
Family passes are $125. Family passes include two adults and up to four immediate dependents living in the same household/same address.
Day Care passes are $125 for the day care provider and up to 6 children, plus $20 per each additional child beyond the six included in a basic day care pass.

Pool House Renovations

The W.T. Morris Memorial Swimming Pool bath house underwent extensive renovations between the 2018 and 2019 pool season with support from the Gratiot County Community Foundation, DeShano Construction, and others.

Pool House Mural

Local artists painted a beautiful  mural on the pool house's south facing wall in August 2023.

An image of the cleaned south facing wall of the W.T. Morris Swimming Pool House.
The Department of Public Works cleaned the wall in preparation for priming and painting.
An image of the state of the mural on August 9, 2023 showing the primed wall, the outline of the mural and local artist Theresa Jewell and art student Kaya Munoz beginning to paint in waves.
After priming, local artist and mural designer Theresa Jewell worked with local student Kaya Munoz on painting a bright sun and cheerful waves.
The state of the mural at end of day on August 9th. The sun appears to be done, while the waves are beginning to take shape.
At the end of the fourth day, the sun appears nearly complete and the waves are beginning to take shape.
An image of the final mural which has a brightly colored sun with rays of light at the top and cheerful multihued blue waves and droplets of water on the lower half.
The mural was completed on August 26, 2023.