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Since 2001, the City of St. Louis has been at the forefront of Brownfield redevelopment in Mid-Michigan. St. Louis sees the advantages of this program as it restores property for use and increases property value, increases the local tax base, saves cost for development by using existing infrastructure/utilities, helps with public health and safety concerns and improves the image of the community. A Brownfield is vacant or underused commercial or industrial property where environmental, economic and social obstacles hinder use and redevelopment. Because of their location, these properties often have excellent potential for redevelopment. With the help of a County-wide Brownfield Redevelopment Authority administered by Greater Gratiot Development, St. Louis has completed two Brownfield Redevelopment projects that have added tremendously to the downtown.

Building of Car Wash
Building of Discount Muffler And Brake

In addition, St. Louis has received two EPA BRA grants totaling $350,000 for the purpose of identifying, testing and characterizing potential Brownfield sites for redevelopment. St. Louis now has a complete inventory of sites that qualify for Brownfield projects which can be very attractive to developers. Phase I and Phase II assessments were done with grant funds which saves potential developers costs they would otherwise need to incur. A Brownfield Task Force Committee was also in place to administer the assessment grant and to make recommendations to City Council about future projects. The committee was made up of Greater Gratiot President Don Schurr, St. Louis Brownfield Coordinator Mari Anne Layman, Mayor George Kubin and community volunteers Melissa Allen, Bernie Bessert, Harold McClintic and Julie Brush. The Task Force worked with environmental consultants from AKT Peerless Environmental and met on a monthly basis. The EPA grant was for assessment of petroleum-based contaminated properties and ran through September 30, 2007.

In 2003 a project was completed that involved the demolition of a former gas station as well as a rundown home on an adjacent lot. Environmental remediation was completed on the site and the St. Louis Hydro-Spray Car Wash was built on the corner of Main Street and M-46 at a key intersection near the downtown. Total investment for the project was in excess of $750,000. 2005 saw a similar project take
place at the intersection of M-46, North Mill Street and Michigan Avenue where another former gas station was demolished and environmental cleanup took place. The Discount Muffler and Brakes shop opened in October, 2005 and added approximately 7-10 new jobs to
downtown as well as over a $250,000 in private investment. EPA Home Page

320 South Main Street Demolition

In November of 2006 the City of St. Louis demolished a condemned property at 320 South Main Street, the former Rowley & Church site. The project cost in excess of $39,000.00 and was funded by the City's EPA Brownfield Grant. This work helped the property to be suitable for future development.

Brownfield Redevelopment
Crane using for Redevelopment

Car Wash Construction

Car Wash Building Before Redevelopment
Car Wash During Brownfield Redevelopment
Car Wash Building After Redevelopment

Corner of North Mill & Center Streets -
Tank Removal

A former gas station site was cleaned up in October as the City purchased the property on the northeast corner of North Mill and Center Streets and had old fuel tanks removed and soil replaced with clean fill.

Crane using for Redevelopment of Brownfield
Mill Street during Redevelopment

Discount Muffler and Brakes Construction

Brownfield Redevelopment
Redevelopment of Brownfield
Brownfield After Development

Contact Information

For more information about potential Brownfield sites in St. Louis available for redevelopment, contact:

Kurt Giles

City Manager

300 North Mill Street
St. Louis, MI 48880
(989) 681-4377

Philip Hansen

DDA/Economic Development Director

300 North Mill Street
St. Louis, MI 48880
(989) 681-3017