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2012 Minutes


St. Louis Planning Commission Meeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The regular meeting of the St. Louis Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Doepker at 5:30 PM.

Present: Doepker, Smith, Reed, Shrum, Kelly, Kelley, Palmer

Absent: Whitford (excused)

Also Present: Katherine Roslund Secretary

Tony Roehrs 104 York Rd

Nancy Roehrs 104 York Rd

Charley Schnetzler St. Louis Public Schools

Pamela Ostrander 873 Cheesman Rd

Linda Nelson 945 Cheesman Rd

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Doepker.

Motion by Kelley, supported by Shrum to approve the minutes of the December 14, 2011 meeting. All ayes.


Doepker opened public hearing at 5:32 PM. Schnetzler explained the schools special use proposal for the former Westgate school property. Stated the school wants to be “good neighbors,” however; the school's attorney did advise that the “City doesn't have any say or jurisdiction over the school.” “The State has jurisdiction.”

McConkie explained that the school's attorney is correct as far as the City not having control over where a school is located, however; when a school becomes vacated it does become the Planning Commission's decision for the use of the property.

Schnetzler stated that MCL 380.12363 explains that the cities do not have control over school's site plans or use. Again, Schnetzler expressed the school's concern with being good neighbors. They want to address any issues that may be out there.

Mr. Roehrs asked about the commercial use of the property. Asked if the buses are just being parked there. It was stated that Dean Transportation is a “for profit” commercial business and the former Westgate School was only one drop off point for them.

Smith asked, for example, if he wanted to lease the space for a parking lot, could he? Schnetzler stated he couldn't answer that question. He could only answer what the school's attorney stated.

Reed asked how many students there are in the classroom of the former Westgate School? Schnetzler didn't know.

McConkie stated that the classroom use doesn't need a special use due to it being a direct school function.

Schnetzler asked if the City's attorney and the school's attorney could communicate to see what they could work out in regards to who has jurisdiction over the school property use?

Ms. Ostrander lives across the street from the former Westgate School – she stated that there is “tons of traffic with the buses being there.” The buses “technically” don't bother her. She is concerned with the traffic and Cheesman Rd. being wore down.

Ms. Nelson lives at the end of Devon Dr. – she stated that Cheesman Rd is being “beat up” and with the heavy bus traffic they will “tear up” the road again. She stated that the buses “technically” don't bother her.

Schnetzler stated that if the buses are tearing up the road, he can speak to Dean Transportation. He has spent time trying to figure out what to do with them and where to put them. The school is having a difficult time trying to find a place to move Dean. Asked if the road was a county or local road and what the weight limit is? McConkie stated that buses aren't restricted to weight limits, however; the road isn't really built for heavy traffic.

McConkie's residence abuts the school property – he stated that he does hear the buses lights being tested, horns, and hears them running at approximately 5am. The dogs in the neighborhood start to bark as a result.

Palmer stated that he has changed his morning running route due to the concern over the bus traffic on Cheesman.

Smith's residence abuts the school property – he asked if the school allows other activities such as soccer, football, ECT?

Shrum stated that he feels the buses “just ruin the ascetics” of the location.

Schnetzler stated that the revenue from the tenants help keep the building open and the fields maintained.

Mrs. Roehr's residence abuts the school property – she asked if the RSED rents space in the building? Schnetzler stated that they do rent a classroom and also the gym.

Mr. Roehrs is opposed to granting the special use permit for the Dean Transportation.

Shrum asked if Dean Transportation uses all buses?

Received correspondence from Ron and Sandee Acton, they live at 507 Devon. They stated, “We are against any proposal to commercialize said property.”

Received correspondence from Jeffrey Barker, he lives at 106 York Rd. He stated, “I am writing to express my strong opposition to granting a special use permit allowing a commercial business to operate in a residential sub-division. Barker's complete correspondence is attached with minutes.

Public Hearing closed at 6:17PM.

Moved by Kelly, supported by Shrum to have attorneys for both parties discuss who has jurisdiction. Dopeker, Smith, McConkie, Reed, Shrum, Kelly, Kelley ayes. Palmer nay.

Mr. Roehrs asked if the residents will be notified of the attorney's decision.

Lot Split – 504 E. Saginaw St.

Roslund presented a lot split application from Prestage properties. Mr. Prestage would like to transfer ownership of 504 E. Saginaw St. to Paul Post, however; he would like to retain the pole building that is located in the rear of the property. The pole building would be combined onto the Schnepp nursing home property.

Kelly asked what the distance from the shed and the new property line is. Roslund stated she is certain it is at least five feet, however; she will confirm that with the owner. Moved by Reed, supported by Kelly to table the lot split until the shed setback is confirmed. All ayes.

Moved by Kelley, supported by Shrum to adjourn at 6:45PM. All ayes.

Katherine Roslund


St. Louis Planning Commission Meeting

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The St. Louis Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Doepker at 5:30 p.m.

Present: Doepker, Reed, Shrum, Kelly, Kelley, Whitford

Absent: Smith, Palmer

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Doepker

Motion by J. Kelly, supported by D. Kelly to approve the minutes of the January 18, 2012 meeting as corrected. All Ayes.

Moved by Shrum, supported by Reed to approve the lot split request from Mr. Prestage to transfer ownership of 504 E. Saginaw Street to Paul Post. All Ayes.

Discussion was held on Westgate School Building.

Moved by Kelley, supported by Shrum to adjourn at 5:50 p.m. All Ayes.

Robert McConkie, Acting Secretary
No meeting was held in March.
No meeting was held in April.
No meeting was held in May.
Saint Louis, Michigan
June 13, 2012

A regular meeting of the Saint Louis Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Doepker at 5:30 p.m.

Present: Doepker, D. Kelley, J. Kelly, McConkie, Palmer, Reed, Smith, Whitford

Absent: Shrum

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairman Doepker.

Motion made by D. Kelley supported by Whitford to approve the minutes of the last meeting February 8, 2012. All ayes carried the motion.

Chuck Griffith presented a site plan on behalf of Apex Marine. Planning Commissioners discussed the site plan with Mr. Griffith.

Motion by J. Kelly, supported by D. Kelley, to grant approval of the Apex Marine site plan subject to the a revised site plan being filed with City Staff which meets the following conditions:

a. The site Plan shall reflect screening from the entire occupied lot to the north of the Apex Marine property.

b. The new screening fence north of the west building face shall be without openings.

c. An ADA parking space shall be added to the parking area on the west side of the building.

d. Parking is approved subject to Section 20.10 Parking Variance whereby the owner has demonstrated that there is sufficient paved parking to accommodate the number of employees and visitors.

e. Future parking must be appropriately labeled on the revised site plan. Section 20.10

f. Owner agrees that should conditions warrant additional parking to accommodate employee or visitor parking needs; the paved parking area will be expanded into the future parking area identified on the site plan sufficient to meet that need. Section 20.10

All ayes carried the motion.

Commissioners inquired about the Westgate School bus parking problem and progress to resolve the issue. City Manager McConkie responded that the City and Schools are working to resolve the issue.

Motion by J. Kelly, supported by Smith, to adjourn the meeting at 6:50 p.m. All ayes carried the motion.

Robert McConkie

Recording Secretary
No meeting was held in July
No meeting was held in September.
No meeting was held in October
A Joint Meeting was held with the Parks Commission, please see Park Minutes 
No meeting was held in December
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