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Resolution 2020-18  




Minutes for the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of St. Louis, County of Gratiot, State of Michigan, held in the City Hall Council Chambers on the 1st day of December, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.


Present:   Mayor James C. Kelly, Roger L. Collison, George T. Kubin, William R. Leonard

                Thomas  L. Reed


Absent:    None


The following preamble and resolution were offered by Member Reed, and supported by Member Collison:


WHEREAS, The City Council of the City of Saint Louis, Gratiot County, Michigan, pursuant to Act 261 Michigan Public Acts of 1968, and in accordance with Section 5.1 of the Saint Louis City Charter, hereby gives notice to the public of the regular meeting schedule for the calendar year 2021.


WHEREAS, The City Council, in accordance with Section 5.1 of the Saint Louis City Charter, is required to hold meetings, on the first Monday following the first Sunday of January following the regular City election, for the purpose of installation of newly elected Council Members. Regular meetings shall be held at least twice each month.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the dates for holding said regular meetings shall be as follows:

January 5

April 6

July 6

October 5

January 19

April 20

July 20

October 19

February 2

May 4

August 3

  November 2

February 16

May 18

August 17

November 16

March 2

June 1

September 7

December 7

March 16

June 15

September 21

December 21


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City Council hereby establishes as its place and time for holding aforesaid regular meetings as the City Council Chambers, City Office Building, 300 North Mill Street, Saint Louis, Michigan at 6:00 o'clock P.M.


Ayes:   Reed, Collison, Kubin, Leonard, Kelly          


Nays:   None     
 Resolution declared adopted this 1st day of December, 2020.
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