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The St. Louis Wastewater Plant was originally constructed in 1954 as a primary treatment plant.  Expansions to the plant occurred in 1978-80 and again in 1998-2001.  These expansions and upgrades resulted in the plant to be a state of the art, tertiary-biological-chemical-sand filter system.  In 2014, the City needed to further upgrade the plant and received a loan from the State Revolving Loan fund to switch the treatment process from RBCs (rotating biological contactors) to oxidation ditches.  When completed in 2015-16, the upgraded wastewater plant provides primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment consisting of a fine screen with vortex grit removal, pre-aeration ahead of the primary clarifiers followed by anaerobic selector basin, oxidation ditches, final clarifiers chlorination, a holding pond and sand filters.  All biosolids pass through anerobic digestion and are stored on site prior to land application.

The plant is designed to treat a maximum of 4.0 MGD (million gallons per day) with an average day flow of 1.6 MGD.  In 2018 the wastewater plant treated 453,434,000 gallons of sewage resulting in an average day flow of 1.2433 MGD.  A portion of this sewage flow consists of infiltration and inflow (I & I) into the sewer lines through illegal connections, such as storm inlets, sump pumps, footing and downspout connections as well as cracks and failed joints due to the age of the sewer lines.  A reduction in these sources of storm drainage and groundwater into the sanitary sewer pipes has been an ongoing process with City maintenance personnel and construction projects.  The City must continue to locate and remove these sources of I & I to reduce the impacts of the periodic high flows on the wastewater plant and its treatment ability.

The City wastewater treatment plant and collection system includes five pump stations which transmit flows from Pine River and Bethany Townships (two stations), two of the correctional facilities located east of the City (one station), and two stations within the City which collects and transports sewage to the plant.  As part of the recent Asset Management Plan, three of the pump stations are being considered for replacement over the next few years.

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Wastewater Department 
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PJ McGillis
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Sewer Collection System Issues
call DPW 

After Hours and Holidays contact Gratiot County Central Dispatch for assistance with EMERGENCIES
There is a $100 charge for service calls at these times.

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