The Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force is an officially recognized community advisory group (CAG) established in late 1997 under regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSIER) [Environmental Justice Task Force Draft Final Report - EPA 540-R-94-004 and OSIER Directive 9230.0-28].
In April 1999, the Task Force received a $50,000 technical assistance grant from EPA to allow the CAG to retain its own experts in assessing information. In the U.S. government Memorandum of Law related to the recent settlement with the responsible parties for the Velsicol site, the Justice Department wrote, AThe citizen group in St. Louis has played an important role in the public process that led to the selection of this remedy . . .@ [p. 24].
The Task Force holds monthly public meetings, third Wednesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. in St. Louis City Hall. Task Force officers and key committee chairs:
Chair: Jane Keon (989) 463- 2257 Treasurer: Gary Smith (989) 681-5169 Co-Secretaries: Melissa Strait and Carol Layman (989) 463-7223 Technical Committee Chair: Murray Borrello(989) 463-7191 Legal Committee Chair: Ed Lorenz (989) 463-7203 Current Concerns: 1. Comprehensive Clean-up: a. Make certain that ALL dangerous contamination is PERMANENTLY contained or removed in such a way as to eliminate on-going operation and maintenance (O&M); b. Address contamination upstream from Total Petroleum and off the plant site, especially surrounding the community=s two other Superfund sites and at the Breckenridge nuclear waste site; and c. Assure responsible parties or their insurers pay most costs 2. Provide financial support for a locally advised comprehensive health assessment. 3. Redevelopment of the former Velsicol plant site: a. Fund full site characterization and PERMANENT containment or removal, of contaminants that prevent development; and b. Restore the site to appropriate community use, making sure it is more than a factory cemetery (take down the fence and BURY the TOMBSTONE!). 4. Restore and compensate the community, especially our youth, for their lost natural resources: a. Clean-up of river contamination sufficiently to END THE FISHING BAN; and b. ACTIVELY RESTORATION of the fish habitat after the end of clean-up; and 5. Move the community toward sustainable practices to prevent repetition of past problems. Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force P.O. Box 172 St. Louis, MI 48880
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