Public Utilities


Water Rates






These rates shall be effective for all bills due and payable October 1, 2015, and thereafter:


            (a)       Gallons per month                  Min.    Charge per 1,000 Gallons


                               Base                                                         $14.15


                        First    20,000                                                 $2.83


                        Next    180,000                                               $2.67


                        Over    200,000                                               $2.56


            A separate meter may be installed, at the customers expense, to measure water used FOR cooling purposes.  If water is used for cooling purposes, and the water is not discharged to a sanitary sewer wastewater charges are not applicable.



(b)   To the above commodity charge established in subsection (a), there shall be added a monthly service charge to cover billing costs, installation and maintenance of meters, based on meter size as follows:


Meter Size                                          Monthly Charge


5/8 inch                                                           $3.18


3/4 inch                                                           $3.63


1 inch                                                              $4.16


1 inch                                                          $4.47


1 inch                                                          $4.88


2 inch                                                             $7.93


3 inch                                                              $10.66


4 inch                                                              $18.51


6 inch                                                              $28.73


8 inch                                                              $40.09


(c)       For non-metered flat rate customers, within the City, the charge shall be a  

            minimum of $33.60, which shall include the monthly service charge.


(d)       For flat rate customers, outside the City, the charge shall be a minimum of  

            $67.20 per month, which shall include the monthly service charge or base rates.


(e)             For customers outside the corporate limits, the charges shall be double the city commodity rate and service charge based on meter size when no rate agreement exists between the City and the Township.


(f)              All other charges in effect shall remain the same.



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