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The City provides Electrical, Water, Sewer and Solid Waste/Trash services to its residents.   

Refer to the Public Works and Utilities Department for Utility Inspection Permits, Water System Tap and Sanitary Sewer Tie-In Applications.

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Utility bills in the City of St. Louis are a lien against the property.  With the owners consent, a tenant can be billed directly, however, should the billings become delinquent, the owner will remain liable.
  • Add Name to Utility Bill
  • Payment Options - for info on setting up automatic withdrawal/payment
  • Move Out Confirmation Form - Note you cannot terminate an account over the phone.   Landlord may call then fax form 989-681-3842 or email (ask for address).    
  • Extension for Time to Pay Renters - because delinquent bills are a lien on property, extensions must be approved by the landlord first.  However, Landlords should be aware that the City is required by law to offer electrical shutoff protection services.  These must be applied for by the customer and we CANNOT notify you if you have a tenant that has done this.   
There is an option for Landlords to remove the lien from utilities by completing the Utility Waiver of Lien Privilege process. 

Deposits - Current policy is that deposits are required only on rental units which the Landlord has issued a Waiver of Lien Privilege or on Apartment Complexes which are in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

Landlords may monitor their rental units bills by viewing current active accounts on-line.   Note that inactive (move-out) accounts are not available on-line and inquiry of the status of those should be made to the Utility Billing Clerk  989-681-2137 Ext. 224.  
Need Help Paying Bills?   

The City would like to help people out that have fallen on hard times by granting additional time to pay bills, however, the City cannot be a lender.   See the Utility Payment Extension Guidelines that we are allowed to offer.   This is just meant to get you by in a hardship case so that you can make other arrangements.  See the applicable Extension for Time to Pay form above for property owners or tenants.  Remember, do not wait until you are in shutoff status to seek this extension.    

Review the list of Other Agencies that can help with Utility Bills.  

Electric Shutoff Protection Enrollment Form (this does NOT apply to the water, sewer or trash portions of the utility bill): 
  • Low income payment plans.  Requires proof of eligibility.  Will reduce, average out, winter payments.  Regular payments must still be made. Renewal is annually.
  • Senior Care:  (Age 65 or over) Cannot be shut off between November 1st to March 31st for non-payment but are encouraged to make payments throughout the period.  You must make assigned monthly payments for arrearages beginning April 1st plus current amounts. Renewal is annually.
  • Critical Care: Is anyone who requires, or has a household member who requires, home medical equipment or a life support system. You must provide documentation from a physician identifying the life threatening need.   This only postpones shut off for 21 days.  And you may reapply only twice in one season per person. Total postponement of shutoff cannot exceed 63 days in any 12-month period.   Again do not wait until shutoff day to start this process. This service cannot protect you from power outages so you need to have backup plans in place.
  • Active Military Duty: In need of assistance because of a reduction in household income as a result of a call to active duty status in the military.  This protection is for up to 90 days.  A payment plan up to one year will be established for unpaid bills in the protection period.  

The City of St. Louis complies with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 and the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flag Rules published as 16 CFR 681 (PDF). This policy requires verification of the true identity of the person setting up an account or making changes to an account's information.

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